A complete digital learning environment that enables personalized learning anytime, anywhere.
What Classware is


A unique online learning and teaching platform

Lately, learning management technology has changed the face of teaching and learning. With Classware LMS solutions, schools, universities, businesses and government agencies can ensure that all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Inspire a love of learning, foster excellence in education and promote continuous improvement.

CLASSWARE ™ is an Internet-based course management system designed to enable learners and faculty to participate in online courses or to use online materials and activities to complement remote personal learning.

It provides:

It provides

Central Management for uploading content

Personalized experience of students and teachers

Fast Communication

What Classware is

It can be used autonomously with the use of the integrated electronic board and the sharing of educational material or notes but also in combination with interactive whiteboards, sharply increasing the capabilities of the educational unit in capacity to provide both personal and distance education services.

Why our customers choose Classware

You are the expert. We are here to help by offering the flexible capabilities and tools that support your teaching approach. With the pedagogical mentality of Classware Learn, educators will find it easier to create lessons and incorporate the right tools in the right place — in a way that better engages students and optimizes the user experience.

We do not just give you data. Rather, we bring to the surface the data that matters – when they matter most. Whether you are looking at institution level, specific courses or somewhere in between, you will have the power to make decisions based on the data that lead to student success.

Learners and trainers can easily learn and teach anytime, anywhere with the fully responsive Classware Learn design for all devices.

Ensuring equality and access is central to who we are. We are committed to helping institutions advocate for equality and inclusion to improve the online learning experience for all students.

Powerful yet simple tools and workflows help students and educators stay organized, take action easily, and engage with each other’s content.

Connect students with the resources at their disposal. With Classware, students will receive personalized support from your own resources, when and where they need it

Teaching and learning never stop. Eliminate downtime and take advantage of the latest enhancements as soon as they become available. No system upgrade or downtime required.

If you need more than one LMS, then we probably have a solution. Whether it’s a virtual classroom tool, an advanced accessibility solution, or an analytics solution that displays information about the entire institution, we’ve got you covered. In addition, all our products integrate seamlessly, so they “just work” together.

Classware helps you simplify the ongoing evaluation of your program, enhancing continuous improvement while leveraging the power of existing teaching and learning processes.

Provide early and keep students on track for success. Classware helps you identify students at risk, making timely intervention possible, personal and scalable. Increase retention and rating through intensive consulting based on timely alerts.

Identify barriers to student progress and optimize institutional performance. Classware is a complete data management suite with performance control panels and reporting solutions to help you understand and optimize every dimension of your college or university.

With the ability to slice, cube and drill into a vast amount of timeless information about the use of the learning management system, institutions optimize their learning environment, improve school development, empower their students and execute high quality research, to tailor their students’ path to long-term success.

Classware helps institutions create a more inclusive learning environment and enhance students’ experiences by helping them take clear control of course content based on usability, accessibility and quality. Accessible content is better content.

The experts customize your application from start to finish and provide all the training and know-how you need along the way, including the integration of a two-way student information system for successful adoption. We are here to help you all the way.