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Classware can help you achieve your goals quickly, easily and comprehensively!


About Classware

The innovative platform that for the first time harmoniously combines asynchronous and modern education. A perfectly functional, unified environment with special applications for smartphones, for complete, direct and personalized communication and interaction with the user.


INTEGRATED Digital School

Become the school that helps students thrive anytime, anywhere. Prepared teachers, connected students, informed parents and a strong support network are the key to successful digital learning.


Learning Management System

With a modern, intuitive, fully responsive interface, Classware offers a simpler, more powerful teaching and learning experience that goes beyond the traditional Learning Management System (LMS).


Secure virtual classroom

Classware is a secure online classroom meeting space where teachers and students can connect virtually with video, audio, screen sharing, and whiteboards to discuss tasks, do group work, and meet in person.



The Classware Mobile App brings together all the school and classroom communication in one place. Parents can be informed about everything from schedules to grades, facilitating support for their students' academic journey.



Everyone should have access to learning, either in their classroom or at home. Classware brings together our established digital learning platform and secure class-to-home communication tools to create a supported and secure online learning environment anytime, anywhere.


Class - home communication

Classware helps teachers connect securely with families to keep them informed of student progress. No regulation is required for teachers, parents can receive information and schools supervise any communication.


Asynchronous Learning

Classware offers an unparalleled learning experience in a modern intuitive, fully responsive work environment. Enliven learning with an LMS that is simple and easy to use, but powerful, that will allow teaching and learning to happen anywhere, anytime.


Distance Learning

Much more than a classic e-learning classroom online.

Through interactive whiteboards, chronological alerts, extensive chat features, and custom polls, teachers can encourage student collaboration in innovative ways.

Mobile Application

Desktop & Mobile App

Today’s active students need speed. The Classware App gives students the information they want, the connections they want, and the personalization they require, on the go. We put learning directly in the hands of your students, so that they can stay connected to their educational journey anytime, anywhere.

Personal Communication

Make communication
and relevant
with the help of your teachers

~ Parents need feedback from teachers.

~ Teachers need to involve parents to help their students succeed.

~ Managers need supervision at home communication.

Classware allows all of these needs to be met with a collaborative messaging tool for teachers, learners and parents.


• Easy to use messaging with mobile devices and web interfaces
• Text, email and phone messages
• No setup or development
• Secure communication environment
• Access to the list of students with grades, attendance, contact details of parents


• View classroom updates for all their children in one place
• Consistent message format
• Without setting, all parents receive messages


• Supervise content sent to parents and students
• Concept of use and effectiveness
• Control of the teacher message exchange environment
• Prefabricated messages provide consistency in the classroom